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Restoration of an old Post Office and Barn

This development in Outwood, Surrey is a little different, and a nice change from our normal new builds. The existing building is full of history. The original barn which is being saved and extended into the new home is over 300 years old dating back to the 1700's. Over its life span the building has been a barn for animals, a butchers shop, a restaurant, post office and local sweet shop and more recently a home. It has been derelict in recent years.

The building is on an official site of outstanding natural beauty, and is on national trust land. All of the locals are very interested and excited to see the building restored to its natural beauty and become a home again. Buildtech Developments has a contract to see the development right through, from demolition and preserving the old building, to completion of the new building. Working alongside a project manager and other skilled tradesmen.

Collection of Images Showing Progress of Post Office and Barn Restoration

A collection of images that have been taken during the different phases of the building work. Images show the stages of the work. Clearing the site, laying the groundworks, building of the house, restoration of the barn, building the garage and outhouse. Laying of patio and creating the boundary wall. Finishing of with the landscaping.

front garden
post office
demolition complete
concrete fill
damp proof
chimney stack
house front
house side
building work completed
landscaping of house
boundary wall built
out building

The out building that can be seen is an oak framed building with one side being a garage and the other a covered area to sit under in the garden. The bricked areas where soil can be seen are planters and these will have trees and plants in them.


This photo shows the front elevation of the garage and what will be the driveway adjacent to the front door and east elevation of the property.

rear elevation

This picture shows the rear elevation of the property and the garage. Buildtech Developments had a contract for all the building and landscaping work, and created everything seen in this image. This includes the house, garage and seeding the grass of the lawn.

house completed

This is the front elevation of the completed house. The driveway can be seen, it is a tar and chip fininsh. The steps are natural stone with brick retaining walls and the path is laid in natural stone cobbles.

cobble path

The image shows the cobble pathway under construction. The cobbles are natural stone and laid half bond. Gully drains can be seen for drainage.


Here the house and landscaping can be seen almost complete. The houses joined to it date back to the 18th century. The planning consent was to match the existing buildings.

east facing house

This picture shows the east elevation at the front of the completed house. The porch that can be seen is an oak frame. Buildtech Developments Ltd carried out all the work in this image.


The garage and driveway completed. The drive is a tar and chip finish. The flemish bond boundary wall can be seen and the low level stretcher bond wall retaining the planters.

rear of house

The rear elevation of the property completed. The house, garage and two out buildings can be seen. All part of the original building after being refurbished.