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Buildtech Developments Ltd - Two Extensions & Landscaping

Two Extensions & Landscaping

A large house in Surrey which Buildtech Developments Ltd carried out two extensions and a large landscaping project.

house extension

The start of the project. Preparation of the work area.

front of house

The front elevation during construction. Scaffolding has been erected. The brick shell and hand pitched roof carcus can be seen.

rear of house

The rear elevation with the first extension constructed before landscaping is carried out. Large bi-fold doors can be seen that will open to the new patio area.

extensions completed

The rear elevation with both extensions constructed and landscaping under construction.

landscaping started

Landscaping under construction. Brick and paving steps are beginning construction using curved walls.


Steps constructed, before paving laid.

curved steps

The curved steps and patio are after slabs are layed. The slabs are Grand sandstone layed in a random pattern and jointed with sand cement.

curved steps

Patio and showing the curved wall leading to the garden steps.

second rear extension

Second rear extension after construction and before landscaping. Again large bi-fold doors are installed to meet new paving levels.

extensions and paving

View of both extensions and paving from east elevation.

patio slabs


curved wall

Patio laid in a random fashion.