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Buildtech Developments Ltd - Cottage Renovation

Renovation of a Cottage

This project consisted of the modernasation of a cottage in Surrey, dating back over 200 years. Buildtech Developments Ltd had a contract for the construction of the extension, renovation works and the landscape project. Working with several different designers, architects and contractors. The job ran for nine months with many different aspects. We are very happy with the finish.

cottage rear elevation

In this picture the rear elevation of the house can be seen after demolition of an existing small extension. The foundations are poured ready for construction to start.

brickwork and steel frame

The brickwork is complete and ready for the steel frame. The brickwork is Flemish bond to match the 220 year old cottage using lime mix mortar. At the rear of the extension acro props can be seen where the whole rear wall has been removed to create an open plan kitchen/living area.

oak beam

The oak beam can be seen before installation. It is over 7 meters long and weighs over one ton. The oak beam was shipped in from France especially. It will support the existing 1st floor as well as the roof for the new extension. Whilst maintaining the natural beauty of the oak to match the existing cottage.

rsj framework

This image shows the RSJ framework to support the timber and zinc roof. The opening is to be floor to ceiling glazed sliding doors.

completion of house extension

The extension complete and landscaping underway. The full glass wall can be seen as well as the completed zinc roof. The glass wall slides open to give inside out living. It gives a modern twist to a beautiful old building.

sandstone paving

The paving is underway. The slabs are sandstone with cobbles laid as a border. All supplied by London stone and installed by Buildtech Developmets Ltd.

complete patio finished

The patio is now complete. It is pointed with resin joint pointing system. The extension looks great lit up. To the left will be planting.

oak frame double garage

As part of the build an oak frame double garage and driveway were constructed by Buildtech Developmets Ltd. The garage has a Flemish bond brick base supporting an oak frame building with render panels and a sedan roof.

built double garage

The completed double garage with an oak frame, prior to the sedan roof being laid. The patio at the rear of the extension can also be seen.

sandstone cobbles laid in entrance way

In front of the entrance to the garage are sandstone cobbles laid in half bond and pointed with resin joint.

cobbles laid in half bond

Also at the entrance are sandstone cobbles laid in half bond and pointed with resin joint system.

access ramp to extension

The cobbles meeting the access ramp to the extension.

drive way cobbles

The drive way inbetween the two cobble sections will be cotswold stone laid on acco drive create system.

driveway completed

The cotswold stone laid and the drive way completed.

beautiful paving

Picture showing the paving that has been laid, highlighting the quality of the work that has been carried out. Next to the paving is a flower bed, there are mixed plants here.

green oak fence

The fence in the distance is green oak and was also constructed by Buildtech Developments Ltd. The glass wall can be seen on the right and also the quality of the patio.

paving border

The border for the paving is sandstone cobbles which provides a nice finish to the patio. The green oak fence provides a nice decorative feature.

side door entrance to garage

A side door entrance to the garage. Sandstone paving and planting areas.