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Boundary Wall Repair

This job was to repair a 150 year old boundary wall that surrounds a luxury house in Surrey. The exsiting wall had fallen over and had been damaged over it's lifetime. Buildtech Developments was brought in to repair and restore it to it's natural beauty. The wall is very unusal, it is laid in rat trap bond and has a semi circular arch with an opening gateway. The images show how the work progressed, before, during and after.

wall fallen over

This is how the wall looked when we arrived. A tree had fallen on the wall and knocked half of it down.

removing bricks

What was left standing of the original wall was taken down, brick by brick so they could be reused to match the existing parts of the wall.

digging the trench

A new 100cm footing was excavated to support the new wall. By the side of the footing are columns of the original old bricks waiting to be reused on the new wall.

mass filled footings

The footing was mass filled with concrete, making a stable foundation for the new wall.

wall rebuilt

Reconstruction starts. Using the original bricks laid in 22.5cm rat trap bond, with structral support piers every 240cm.

building of the wall arch

Construction continues. A wooden semi circular arch former can be seen, this is used to construct the opening.


The arch is under construction. The wooden former will be removed when the brickwork is complete.

wall bevel

On the top of the wall is a brick feature using a plymth brick and a twice weathered brick capping.

wall rebuilt

The wall is complete and looking excellent. The new and old bricks have blended well. The arch is self supporting and will have a cast iron gate fitted.

complete wall rebuilt

The wall from a distance. The wall contains 16,000 imperial handmade bricks dating back an estimated 150 years.

complete wall rebuilt

Before and after picture. The tree has been cleared away and the wall has been restored to it's former glory. The large gate and the smaller one will be fitted when they have been made.